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Low carbon energy has grown from a niche market to an integral part of the world’s energy mix. Driven by environmental imperatives, investment in low carbon energy sources numbers in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually, offering significant scope for private capital participation. Importantly, low carbon energy enjoys a commitment to growth from all the major global economies.

With that in mind, we felt it was time to offer a specialised source of insight addressing clean energy opportunities across the risk spectrum. Low Carbon Energy Investor is dedicated to how the alternative asset classes of venture capital, private equity, infrastructure, private real estate and private debt are helping advance the various segments within low carbon energy.

In our definition of low carbon energy, we include coverage of all low-carbon energy sources, such as renewables, the technologies powering them, energy storage, as well as energy efficiency initiatives across the real estate and industrial sectors.

We will also cover natural gas – often seen as a cleaner ‘bridge fuel’ – and nuclear power – the world’s only zero emissions large-scale source of reliable baseload power generation. Why? Because despite their weaknesses, both attract considerable investor interest and have the potential, with technological evolution, to become bona fide sources of low carbon energy.

Our online news coverage will deliver fresh reporting on the firms, the people, the deals and the data that are driving these communities and also showcase hand-selected, third-party commentary and research from industry thought leaders.

About our publisher, PEI

Low Carbon Energy Investor is published by PEI, the only global B2B information group focused exclusively on private equity, private real estate, private debt and infrastructure. As these four asset classes continue to grow in scale and significance – for investors, fund managers, financial practitioners and other service industries globally – PEI is positioned to provide unparalleled business knowledge and intelligence to these communities.

Formed in London in November 2001, when a team of managers bought out a group of assets in an MBO from financial media group Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, PEI has enjoyed more than 12 years of growth. With offices in London, New York and Hong Kong, we publish globally recognised magazines and news websites, manage what is probably the most extensive set of databases dedicated to alternative assets, run more than 30 market-leading conferences globally and publish a large library of specialist books and directories.

We are the leading specialist information group dedicated to alternative assets.

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